Finding Hope through Stray Kids – Unveil Tour “I am…” in Manila

May 1, 2019

These past few weeks have been quite a struggle for me. I was so busy with thesis that I no longer have time to do the things that I want – to blog, to cover songs, to be a fangirl. It seems like I have no more life outside academics. There also came to a point where I no longer want to attend any concerts. But I thank Stray Kids for allowing me to find hope in them. Continue Reading

DAY6 says “It’s Okay to be Slow”

April 3, 2019

I’m turning 23 this year and I haven’t graduated college. Some of my former classmates (or even younger schoolmates) already have their own work. Others have finished their Masters degree. And some even have their own family. It makes me think of myself. Why does it feel like I am the last? Continue Reading

Memorable Happenings during So Ji Sub Fan Meeting in Manila

April 2, 2019

So Ji Sub’s fan meeting in Manila is probably what I consider a miracle fan meeting. I’ve known So Ji Sub since 2005 because of his drama “Memories in Bali”, which is by the way one of my mom’s favorite drama. I was around 9 years old that time! Who would have thought that after years So Ji Sub came and visited the Philippines for a fan meeting? Continue Reading

Meeting Park Ji Hoon for the 4th Time!

April 1, 2019

After Wanna One’s last concert in Manila last September 2018, I never thought I’ll get the chance to see any members again. For a broke international fan, seeing my favorite idol once is already a blessing. What more if I get to see him more than once, right? Continue Reading

KPOPCON X Story: Why Volunteering for PKCI Matters to Me

March 25, 2019

It has been weeks since KPOPCON X happened. And like what I always say in my previous blogs, I am sorry for posting it late. Well, you know. Life happens. But it won’t stop me from blogging this event. I was really stressed with this event (well, I guess everyone is). But I am very happy that I became a part of PKCI for its this very special event. Continue Reading