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K-Vault: Wanna One Umbrella (Limited Edition)

November 22, 2018

It has been a long time since I last blogged about my K-Merch. It’s not that I stopped collecting merch. It’s just that I have been so busy that I forget to blog these things. For today’s K-Vault, I’ll be showing you the Wanna One Umbrella (Limited Edition). Continue Reading

K-Vault: JBJ FANTASY album

December 24, 2017

I’m finally back writing! I’ve been so busy these past days because of school, works, and extra curricular activities. I supposed to update this JBJ album way way before but I became so busy. I know it’s already late but yeah, I still want to share this album to you guys. Continue Reading

K-Vault: Wanna One 1×1=1 ‘To Be One’ Album

October 7, 2017

And now I’m back with another K-Vault update. My new albums are actually stuck here at my box because I am too busy at school and have little time to do some other things. Although it’s kinda late, I’m still going to share to you my Wanna One 1×1=1 ‘To Be One’ album. Continue Reading

K-Vault: Chung Ha ‘HANDS ON ME’

September 12, 2017

I’m back with another K-Vault entry. I know it’s very late but at least I tried making a blog of it. Haha. Anyway, this time, it’s my first ever album from a female solo artist, Chung Ha. I am not really much into girl groups or solo artists but I admire this KPOP idol a lot. Continue Reading

K-Vault: DAY6 SUNRISE 1st Album

September 1, 2017

It has been a long time since I last posted here in my blog. Aside from the fact that nothing special really is happening in my life, I became so immersed with my academics. To be very honest, I have received this album last July but I was not able to write a blog about it. Now that I found a time to write, I’ll be doing it so even though it is suuuuuuuuper late.

Anyway, if you are a MY DAY, you are very much aware of Every DAY6 and since it is the first half of the year, DAY6 finally released their first full-length album with songs from their January to June comebacks plus a revised version of Letting Go and Congratulations. Continue Reading

K-Vault: TWICE – TWICEcoaster Lane 2

March 31, 2017

Hi guys! I have decided to finally put my k-trashes..err. I mean k-merch here in my blog. It hasn’t been long since i started collecting albums and other kpop or kdrama stuff, but I won’t be posting about my past collections anymore. Starting now, I will post my albums, posters, or whatever k-merch I have and I hope you’ll enjoy what I just did.

So for my first entry, I just received my TWICEcoaster Lane 2 album last March 27, 2017 and now I’ll show you the inclusions. Continue Reading