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KPOPCON X Story: Why Volunteering for PKCI Matters to Me

March 25, 2019

It has been weeks since KPOPCON X happened. And like what I always say in my previous blogs, I am sorry for posting it late. Well, you know. Life happens. But it won’t stop me from blogging this event. I was really stressed with this event (well, I guess everyone is). But I am very happy that I became a part of PKCI for its this very special event. Continue Reading

Our Adventure at Happy Hallyu Day 2

September 12, 2018

I’m back with another blog about Hallyu Events here in the Philippines. This time, it is all about the Happy Hallyu Day 2 that happened last Sept. 9, 2018 at the SM North Edsa Skydome. This event is brought to the fans by Philippine KPop Convention, Inc. (PKCI) in partnership with KOFICE. In this event, I was a photographer-slash-volunteer. Continue Reading

KCON9: A Diary of a KPOP Fan and Staff

December 29, 2017

Being a KPOP fan is fun. You enjoy all the spazzing and even meet new friends. It’s cool because you have things to save for like different official or unofficial merch, concerts and even events like KPOP Conventions wherein you can meet your friends and watch contests there. Continue Reading

It’s That Time Again: Bloggers United 13

June 12, 2017

After not being able to attend last Bloggers United 12, I had this urge to go to Bloggers United 13 to see my favorite bloggers. Even though I’m quite broke at the moment (because of KPOP albums & merch), I still decided to go there to simply see my favorite bloggers. I won’t buy. I promise. (lol) Continue Reading

My Experience During the MIBF 2016

October 8, 2016


That was the first line I said when I entered the SMX Convention Center during the 37th MIBF 2016. Well, what should I expect? It’s a book fair – duh- but kidding aside, I was amazed not only with the number of books there but at the same time the number of people who went there.

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Happy Hallyu Day

July 25, 2016

I’ve been a KPop fan since 2009 (ELF is my first and ultimate fandom). So I’m celebrating my 7th year of being a KPop fan this year. But this will be my first time attending a big event for KPop fans. This experience gave me a chance to know more of how a lot of things in the KPop World happen. Continue Reading

BU11 x PassionFly

June 2, 2016

I am honestly new in this blogging industry, though I post a lot on my Tumblr account before. I wasn’t taking things seriously back then. But all of a sudden, I dropped by at the blog of my favorite blogger now, Tricia Gosingtian and was inspired to finally make this blogging thingy a part of my life. Since then, I started to blog about events and at the same time wanting to see my favorite bloggers. Through the help of Bloggers United Philippines, I was able to see my favorite bloggers.
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Exotic Pets Showcase

January 16, 2016

For those people who know me well, I’m not really fond of animals. I am actually afraid of them. Yes, even if it is a dog or a cat. It is definitely ironic how I still wanted to go to this showcase.

Exotic Pets Showcase is held at World Trade Center Manila, January 15-17, 2016. And this is how our  (my cousin and I) first day go.

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