Hi guys! This is where I’ll be posting my blogs. What is really a blog? A blog is an online journal wherein the author has the privilege to put or post whatever he or she wants to post.

So yeah, under my blog, there are 5 categories.

1. Diary

Diary? Well, if I’m going to post something, like a happening in my life that doesn’t go under some of the categories here, I’ll be posting it under my diary. It’s more of self-knowing and self-appreciating. It’s a personal thing.


2. Travel

Of course! Travelling is one of my favorite things to do (although time won’t permit me right now). I’ll be posting here all the places I traveled and will be travelling.

3. Tips

I will be posting my tips towards life, like for example, writing stories, how to manage time, etc. Like what it said, it’s tips.

4. Fangirl

On this category, I will be posting all my fangirl activities like for example a concert wherein I attended it and all other fangirl stuff.

5. Events

Like what it says, it is events. All the conventions, seminars, or whatever related to that will be added here.

With all these thing, I hope you’ll join me as I explore the world.