Jung Joon Young Fan Meeting in Manila

September 27, 2018

Multi-talented singer-actor, Jung Joon Young, went to the Philippines for his first ever fan meeting here. Jung Joon Young Fan Meeting in Manila “Fiancee” was held at the ABS-CBN Vertis Tent last September 22, 2018, 6pm.

If you were able to attend the fan meeting, you will surely know these five important things that happened.

1. Hearing Jung Joon Young’s precious voice
Of course, this fan meeting won’t be complete if we won’t be hearing him sing some of his known songs. He serenaded the crowd with his performance of “The Sense Of An Ending,” “Sympathy,” and “Fiancee,” “Spotless Mind,” and “Becoming Dust.”

2. Craving for Kare-Kare and San Mig
During the talk segment of the fan meeting, Jung Joon Young has mentioned that he missed two things here in the Philippines: the local dish Kare-Kare, and San Miguel beer.
In case you don’t know, Jung Joon Young has spent some of his time here in the Philippines to teach kids Taekwondo and music.
He also mentioned that he wished to cook Kare-Kare for his ‘fiancee.’

3. Finding the ‘Fiancee’
One of the games in this fan meeting was to reveal the characteristics of Jung Joon Young’s ideal girl. In order to find his ‘fiancee’ of the night, he was given some options. And here are the things he chose. The girl must have short hair, around 165-169 cm in height, has no glasses, wearing red lipstick, sneakers and jeans. Those who were qualified were able to stand on stage with Jung Joon Young. But only one has to be his Fiancee. The fans were really eager to be his fiancee so they answered some questions about him. The lucky fan who got the most right answer got a selfie with Jung Joon Young and a signed CD.

4. He sang some OPM hits
Another fun game in this fan meeting was the “Guess this OPM song” segment wherein Jung Joon Young is wearing headphones and hum and/or sing those OPM songs. The fans need to guess which OPM song he is singing. Jung Joon Young was so adorable as he try to sing the OPM songs even if he cannot pronounce the words correctly. Some of the songs were “Ang Huling El Bimbo,” “Awit ng Barkada,” and “Di Na Muli.”

5. Jung Joon Young promised to come back to the Philippines WITH HIS BAND!
Jung Joon Young is a member of the Drug Restaurant (formerly the JJY Band). As the fans have mentioned that they also want to see the band perform here in the Philippines, Jung Joong Young stated that he will come back to the Philippines together with his band and have a concert here once their schedule allowed them. The fans were so happy to hear those words and were really eager to save money for them.

If you were not able to attend this fan meeting, do not worry. As he has mentioned, he plans to go back to the Philippines together with his band. So don’t lose hope. Start saving money!

Some photos:

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Article originally written for kpopchannel.tv. Thank you Viu Philippines and Fangirlasia for bringing him here.

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