Exotic Pets Showcase

January 16, 2016

For those people who know me well, I’m not really fond of animals. I am actually afraid of them. Yes, even if it is a dog or a cat. It is definitely ironic how I still wanted to go to this showcase.

Exotic Pets Showcase is held at World Trade Center Manila, January 15-17, 2016. And this is how our  (my cousin and I) first day go.



We arrived at the event around 12nn. My cousin (Rio) was really excited to see those exotic animals since she also have two exotic pets, a tarantula and a scorpion.

We entered the event site and saw these exotic animals.

As far as I know, this is a tarantula. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

And this one is a scorpion. They actually look so good but I’m still afraid of them.

My cousin started to hold some of those animals. This tortoise seems to be afraid that’s why he doesn’t come out from his shell.


And here goes my cousin, Rio, holding a snake while she is smiling at the camera. And I’m like ‘Why am I so afraid to hold them? HAHA^^’

There are more snakes but this time, they are inside a container. As you can see, there is something written on the container. It is actually the price of the snake. Yes, they are also selling some of the exotic animals there and it is really expensive. Good thing, the snakes are in a good condition. 😀

This is actually my first time seeing different kinds of roaches. I only know cockroach, the one we usually see at homes and the one I dissected during my Bio2 days. (yes we dissected a cockroach, not sure I use the right term tho lol).

But of course, this event won’t be 100% complete if I won’t be able to touch or hold some of these exotic animals. I removed my fears from holding them. And look how I tried to smile even though I’m so nervous. I held the snake and the bearded dragon.

It doesn’t want to look at the cameraI remembered my BIO2 class when we have to dissect a frog weekly. When I touched the bearded dragon’s body, I remembered the frog. I can feel its breathing. But the snake, it feels so cold. Good thing it doesn’t move too much when I held it.

This is actually one of a kind experience that really needs to be experienced especially those who are afraid of them. It’s cool to face your fears at least once. Thank you Rio for inviting me here. Til next event!

Photos taken from our Asus Zenfone2. (Yes, we also have the same unit of phone lol) I only chose some pictures but there are still a lot of exotic animals there.

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