Travel Diary: Baguio City

October 20, 2015

Baguio City is known to be the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” because of its cool climate and surely, a great visit here will be worth your time and money.

I was with my classmates this whole trip. We left here in our place, I guess, Friday 10 pm and arrived at Baguio at 5 or 6 am. We had our breakfast first in Jollibee. Then we went to out destinations.

There are a lot of tourists’ spots in Baguio. But due to lack of time, we were only able to visit some places.

Our first stop was in Balatoc Mines


This actually caught my attention. It was like a big artwork made by those stones seen under the mine. I guess that artwork represents the miners.


What could be more exciting? Of course! We are going to enter the mine. It’s actually my first time to enter a mine and definitely this excites me.



We then entered the mine. Oh and yes, we have to wear that helmet to protect our heads. It was also muddy inside so we have to wear boots. There are also some lights on the corner of the mine.


While we were inside the mine, they told us that they will throw a bomb on one place there and in a count of three, we’ll be running back to the safe place. But instead of waiting for three, I already walked back to the safe place. Haha.

After some trips under the mine, we decided to go out. Finally! It’s hot inside! Haha.

Suddenly, I saw this truck, or train, or whatever you call this.


The trip under the mine is way cool! It makes me appreciate the miners. It’s a no joke to work under the mine. It’s hot and dangerous.

We then decided to go to our next destination, the Tam-awan Village.



Actually, I wasn’t expecting that this would be somewhat a museum and at the same time a garden with some Igorots ushering us.



I was so amazed with this artwork. Why? Because it is made under the sun. What do I mean with that? The artist made this artwork using a magnifying glass and the sun rays. So it is literally made under the sun.

I remembered during my high school days, we also made a sun-made artwork. But mine was burned. Haha. I do not know how to do it at first.

After going inside the museum (sorry if I posted one photo only. We weren’t actually allowed to take pictures of some artworks.), we decided to go out in the nature.

We even went up on the mountain. One of my friends even slipped down because the rocks were too slippery and we can’t stop laughing at him because he is too noisy whenever he falls down.



While we are travelling their garden, I saw this place. It’s like Paradise! It’s so beautiful!

It was definitely fun seeing the beauty of our nature. I just hope people will take good care of it.

Our last destination, Mines View Park. Mines View Park is a place where we can buy a lot of souvenirs and also where we can take pictures with large dogs, nature, and also be able to wear the Igorot outfits.

I did not choose to post my picture wearing the Igorot outfit cause I look so haggard there.


We bought a lot of souvenirs. There were key chains, t-shirts, foods,and a lot more. Even for a short period of time, we enjoyed our travel in Baguio.

Next time, we’ll be going to other tourists’ spots there if time and money will let us. Haha.

-Ruth 🙂

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