Travel Diary: Art in Island

September 5, 2015

Since high school days (or elementary days?), I have been inclined with music and arts. I studied at an Art school before and that made me like music and arts more. I love going to different museums where different paintings and artworks can be seen.

While I was browsing my Facebook account, I saw my cousin’s pictures in this certain museum wherein you can see 3D paintings. I wanted to go there badly but time won’t simply let me. But last August 30, 2015, right after buying a ticket for GOT7’s First Fanmeeting in the Philippines (this will be a different blog post! Wait for it by November! Hihi), my cousins, my niece and I were able to go in that museum, ART IN ISLAND.


We bought four tickets – 3 students and 1 adult. You can visit their Facebook account for the ticket prices and some promos.


L-R: Rio, Ate Neri, Precious, Ruth

L-R: Rio, Ate Neri, Precious, Ruth

There were a lot of people when we arrived and that made me more excited. Yieee! Once we entered there, we have to remove our shoes, so if you don’t have socks, you can either enter without a sock or buy something from them (I don’t know what it is called).

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our whole stay.

We never had a perfect picture here. -_-

We never had a perfect picture here. -_-

I remember the movie Alladin here. hihi

I remember the movie Alladin here. hihi

Little Mermaid. Hihi

Little Mermaid. Hihi





The place was really big. And definitely you’ll need more time to take pictures and walk around the whole place. There are still a lot of great paintings/ 3d arts there. I’m definitely going to give the artists a big round of applause for all those paintings. It was really a tiring yet a fun adventure. Soon, I’ll bring my friends here too.

All photos will be uploaded soon on my Facebook Page so please do come and visit it too. <3


Let’s continue to support this kind of masterpiece. I am really happy to see these paintings and be able to experience this Art in Island. Let’s support ARTS! <3 <3



Photos were taken using Samsung Note4 and Asus Zenfone 2.

Photo by my beautiful cousin: Ate Neri

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