My Experience as a Campus Tour Volunteer

August 8, 2015

University of the Philippines – Los Baños (UPLB) is where I am currently studying. Yearly, the university, with the help of the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA), conducts the campus tour activity for the freshmen who is going to study here in UPLB. This 2015, I have decided to finally be a volunteer of the said event.

I have never tried being a volunteer on campus tours because as you all know, I am not really fond of walking, and talking with people. In short, I am not that hospitable to people. But to everyone’s surprise, I volunteered as a one of those who will lead the freshmen to know more about the campus they will be entering.

The OSA has assigned hundreds of volunteers to different courses and blocs. Fortunately, I was assigned to BS Statistics students, same course I am currently taking. I really wanted to lead them too because I have a few knowledge from the course since I already have 2 years of experience here. I wasn’t the only one assigned on that course and bloc. I was with my orgmate, Ira, and some other students who I just met there, Kuya Ef and Em. (Their names are cute. HAHA XD)

On the day of the campus tour, I woke up 4am so I would be able to prepare and condition myself. My roommates and I went to the SU Building where the registration will start. At around 6 am, the registration started and then we volunteers went to our places. One by one, the freshmen went to their respective courses and blocs.

After gathering, there was a short program from OSA and the campus tour began.

The Stat students were introducing themselves

The Stat students were introducing themselves

After some introduction, the tour began. We started walking following the route given to us. At first, all of them including us volunteers, were so eager and full of energy. But yeah, walking is definitely tiring, and with every step, each of us became tired but we still continued it. It was a very hot day good thing we brought umbrellas with us.

After touring some known places here in UPLB, we decided to sit down on the steps of DL Umali Hall to rest for at least 15 minutes. I decided to take a picture of them.

At DL Umali Hall

At DL Umali Hall

Then we continued to tour them showing their classrooms. I can see how tired everyone is but still they continue to walk and even ask more about their classrooms and their future life here at UPLB.

After a few more minutes (or hours), the campus tour ended. We all then sat down at Freedom Park and decided to take a rest first. We distributed some papers for evaluation and stuffs. Before parting ways, we decided to take a picture together and this time, I am with them. (thank you for that person who took our picture)


It was really a very tiring experience. We have to walk there to there, under the sun while explaining the freshmen some history of that place and etc. But overall, it was really a great thing to at least helped the campus and those students. I also gained new friends and acquaintances.

Overall, it was a fun experience. I am still hoping for more and next time, I will prepare my body for that loooooong tour.



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