Bedroom New Look

August 1, 2015

I am not a rich kid to have an enormous bedroom. I do not have that large place to put everything I want. I am only a normal girl with a normal bedroom, not even that big. But I can say that you don’t need to have a big bedroom to be comfortable especially when sleeping and studying. All you just need is a bed, a table, a cabinet, and some decorations.

I am not against those people who have big rooms. Honestly speaking, I wanted to have a big bedroom too, so I can roll down whenever I am watching movies, lay down anywhere I want, and even put anything I want. What I am just saying is that small rooms can also be like those beautiful big rooms if you just simply know how to put everything in place.

I had a week vacation before school starts and I wanted my one week stay here to be productive. I looked around my surroundings, trying to look for something to do. And yes, I saw my bedroom and decided to put some makeovers on it. My bedroom’s wall is just plain white. By then, I decided to put some decorations, not only decorations that will make it beautiful but decorations that will also inspire me to do well in everything. I then remember my favorite character, Peter Pan. So I decided to put shadows of Peter Pan together with the Darling siblings and Tinkerbell.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan and friends with my guitar

By using my black marker and some bond papers, I was able to create those things on the wall (please say hi to my guitar! Hihi). The design was them flying towards Neverland. Because I used my marker in coloring those, the ink was consumed. Haha. But it doesn’t matter, I can still buy a new one. Oh thank you Pilot Pentel Pen for a job well done on my marker. Haha.

This was my first step in designing my bedroom. But still, it isn’t done. I thought of adding the word Neverland to make it a little bit more attractive, plus, I will also put some stars there.

I also decided to fix some of my books in my cabinet. And because I have a lot of books, only my favorite books were out in the shelves. Some were inside the cabinet. I also cleaned the mirror of my cabinet so I will be able to create my “MIRFIE” or “Mirror Selfie”. I also put my Sparkling Magazines there. At the side of my cabinet, I decided to put a hook so I can hang my bags there, even my caps and hats.

My cabinet

My dad was so supportive to all my plans that he decided to put a table inside my bedroom so I will be able to study well whenever I am at home. And that is definitely a great idea. Well, of course, if I have a table, I should also put some designs on the wall just to remind what I should be doing and why I should be doing that thing. I put some pictures of my family, friends, myself (of course!), and some inspirational quotes to keep me going.

Look at my neat table. Yay!

Look at my neat table. Yay!

I won’t be able to live without my musical instruments. Some of my instruments like guitar and banduria were on the side of the cabinet and my organ was just in front of my table. I decided to cover my organ with a pink cloth. Too bad, I can’t include my violin here in the pictures since it is at my dorm.

My organ

My organ

Well, my room won’t be complete without putting some fangirl stuffs. I was thinking if I should post my posters on my wall but then I ended up choosing the back of the door. Well, say hello to Super Junior and GOT7. Actually, the BTS poster should also be there, unfortunately, it fell down and was torn. I still haven’t bought some girl groups poster.

Super Junior x GOT7 posters

Super Junior x GOT7 posters (ooh so handsome namjas)

I thought, everything was done. But then, I remembered S Club 7’s song entitled Reach for the Stars which made me decide to put that caption on one part of my wall. To end up, my wall looked like this.



Now, by looking at my surroundings, I find it pleasing to eye and more relaxing to see these things. Like what I said earlier, I realized that I do not need a big room so my room will be pleasing to the eye (especially Instagram worthy) and relaxing. I just need to know how to put the things in order and how to decorate it.

My one week vacation was truly a productive one, I can say.

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  • Reply Jesselyn October 26, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    Lovely PeterPan decoration!
    Love your room 🙂
    Nice website!

    • Reply musiciantraveller8 October 27, 2015 at 12:37 am

      Thank you Jess! 😀 I’ll still fix this website soon. I guess I need to buy a better theme. Haha. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by! Hoping for a collaboration with you soon.

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